Masquerading in Venice

Venice is renown as one of the world’s most romantic cities – there is nothing more romantic and exciting than dressing to the nines in elaborate 18th century attire – lace and silk gown, suit, stockings and powdered wig – and attending a masquerade ball in a Venetian palace? Continue reading Masquerading in Venice


Sensational Sintra: Exploring Portugal’s Palaces and Castles

Imagine a fairy tale town where castles and bright, rainbow-colored palaces are perched on hills like birds of paradise parading their exquisite plumage. Within the valleys, charming turrets rise high above the treeline sparkling in the sun. This romantic fantasy land is real. It is Portugal’s prettiest city and only a 40-minute train ride outside … Continue reading Sensational Sintra: Exploring Portugal’s Palaces and Castles

Lovely Lisbon

Over the past few years, tourism has spiked and flourished in Lisbon and throughout Portugal, bringing welcomed attention, and tourism economy, to this once underrated and underappreciated European destination.  With so much recent attention on Lisbon’s growth, we had to experience this city for ourselves. We visited Portugal for nine days in early October – after … Continue reading Lovely Lisbon